What is the scope of software testing?

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DHARMEDRA SAHU Staff asked 8 years ago
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Software testing is backbone of software development. Success of a Software is depend on the software testing. Tester have good analytic skills and writing and executing good scenario.

DHARMEDRA SAHU Staff answered 8 years ago

Software Testing is an integral part of software quality and it is the most important activity for supporting entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). SoftwareTesting not just plays a significant role in SDLC for meeting the standards of an application but it also reflects in building up the reputation of an organization. In every development firm, Quality Assurance(QA) plays a crucial role in the various stages of SDLC. QA is performed to evaluate the quality-related aspects of an application and to verify its behavior in different configurations of the systems.

DHARMEDRA SAHU Staff answered 8 years ago

Countries that are hubs of outsourcing such as India, Philippines, China, etc. software testing has a major market because of the abundance of skilled labor.

From client’s perspective, software testing is essential to Verify & Validate that the deliverable meets the functional requirements and quality standards.

From service provider agency’s perspective; software testing is a huge market to capitalize on. Since clients want a defect-free end-product, corporations look to hire in good numbers at cost-effective rates, provide exhaustive training and complete projects in short deadlines to maximize profits.

From a software testing professional’s perspective; the market is huge and the eligibility criteria is very low thus allowing access to jobs for almost anyone with a graduate degree. But unfortunately software testing gets complex very quickly after 3-4 years of experience. Since the softwares being developed are amazing, good, bad and ugly; the experience are similar too because of which people bail out due to high complexity in tough projects or get bored due to lack of challenging work in easy projects.

Nonetheless; Software Testing is growing at a very consistent rate in developing countries. The opportunities ahead are very promising; as the digital world progresses from building websites to mobile apps to wearable apps and very soon to Virtual Reality apps. Software Testing is a world worth exploring in the future.

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The overall purpose of testing is to ensure the {xyz… application} application meets all of its
technical, functional and business requirements. The purpose of this document is to describe the
overall test plan and strategy for testing the {xyz… application} application. The approach described
in this document provides the framework for all testing related to this application. Individual test cases
will be written for each version of the application that is released. This document will also be updated
as required for each release.

Factors influencing test scope
 Size of project
 Complexity of project
 Budget for project
 Time scope for project
 Number of staff
 Why test at different levels
 Software development naturally split to phases
 Easily track bugs
 Ensures a working subsystem/ component/ library
 Software reuse more practical

DHARMEDRA SAHU Staff answered 8 years ago
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