An Awkward Decision By Management


Decision making is a wast area to learn and impact almost all responsible parties who are involved. it is very important and crucial technique which plays a vital role in all industries or companies. Decision-making technique or strategy is not to command within a night, it takes several years to command and comes through experience. A person can be a good leader or manager but it is not sure s/he is a good decision maker. In the age of globalization, people have many medians to learn and improve decision-making technique within a minimum span of time. There are many important and famous ways to gain knowledge and some of them are given below –

  • Internet: The Internet is a good source of learning nowadays and people can get a lot of material to refer.
  • Book: As everyone knows, books are a best friend and we can learn anything from the book so people can buy a good book and start learning about decision-making strategy.
  • Project: People can start learning from the previous or current projects. They can go through management and other decision-making documents to understand what type of decision they have taken while facing any problem.
    This is the best way to learn things quickly with live practical examples.
  • Colleagues: Talking with colleagues is also helping to understand and learning decision-making technique easily and quickly. This is also helping to get live practical knowledge of projects and decision taken for a particular situation.

Personally, I love last two options to enhance my decision-making skills as it is more ground level and have real experience.
Now, I am coming to a point as the title of this blog suggested “An Awkward Decision”. There are many short stories gathered from various project and industries related to management and their awkward decisions.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Chapter One

James was a very smart and hard worker, worked with ABC Corporation Ltd. He was involved in the critical project and delivered various important functionalities and earned a good name for the company in front of clients and other organizations. Along with him, there were a couple of people who were also as good as James but having some personal interest and always wants to create dependencies and give chance to favorite people despite best deserving candidates are sitting idle. As these activities were not good for project and company so James raised his concern with management and explained them the impact of dependencies and favoritism which exist within the project, Management understand the facts and agrees with James suggestion and fear but they were unable to take any action against anyone as those people already created a lot of dependencies and management are having fear to lose the control from the project and future deliveries. This is called short-term decision-making technique and would not survive for a long time as dependency on the resource is the major thread for the project and it is management duty to remove this kind of dependencies from the project slowly and smoothly. Management always checks the ground reality and do one to one meeting with everyone in the project despite listening only a few people in the project.
This is called awkward decision by management as they did not try to cure the issue despite supported to grow.


Chapter Two

Management, oh again management decision are taken and selected shortcut path. why management always picks shortcut in place of curing the disease properly. Management always tempts lucrative and outspoken people as they seem knowledgeable but the fact is totally different. Some people are having habits of speaking unnecessary without having prior knowledge as they just want to get the limelight and all credit, even though most of the time they are discussing wrong things and other struggles while implementation. We as a management should think about the problem and understand the issue and solution before taking any decision. Management is having a very vital position in the organization and they should play their role in a very proper way so the organization can grow. Management always thinks deep and discuss with various people in various level of the organization so they can take appropriate decision.

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