How to Update SVN Commit Messages


The developers have a lot of works to do and commit code various time through SVN client. Most of the time, the developer use previous commit message to commit the new code and modify the message. Even though the developers are more focused about code commit but sometimes, they overlook to update the commit message and it went to the SVN. Now developer notifies this issue and wants to update the message but s/he is not getting any way to do. Don’t worry about this because it is a very tiny issue and most of the SVN client provides a way to update the message. I am using SVN tortoise to explain how it helps to update the message.

Please follow steps to modify the code commit message on SVN using SVN tortoise SVN Client –

  • Navigate to the Project or other tool location for which developer wants to update the message.

  • Right Click on the project location and Select TortoiseSVN -> Show log

  • Click on Show log to see the SVN commits.

  • Select the appropriate SVN commit and right click to see the edit message option.


  • Click on Edit Message option to update the SVN commit message. Once clicked on Edit Message option then it navigates to the model window.

  • The developer has to update the message and click on the OK button to save the message. Once message saved then it will update committed revision number.



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