IBM Curam Architecture Overview


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This page will explain about IBM curam folder structure and basic architecture. It will explain about technologies which are being used in curam.


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Curam High Level Overview

2016-04-28 23_09_38-CuramSolutionArchitecture.pdf

EJB – Enterprise
Java Beans
IBM Cúram Social Program Management uses Enterprise
Java Beans for its server component model.
Java Servlets
Java Servlets are used by the presentation tier.
Java Server Pages
Java Server Pages are used to generate the user interface.
Java Transaction API
Java Transaction API is used for starting and committing transactions.
Java Database Connectivity
Java Database Connectivity is used for the middleware to communicate
with the application database.
2016-04-28 23_28_44-CuramSolutionArchitecture.pdf
Java Message Service
Java Message Service is used for deferred processing and workflow
Within IBM Cúram Social Program Management
Java Naming and Directory Interface
Java Naming and Directory Interface is used in IBM Cúram Social Program Management
both for application initialization-time lookup of
Data Sources and Queues as well as to locate Enterprise Java Beans from the Presentation Tier.
RMI-IIOP – Remote Method Invocation
Remote Method Invocation over IIOP is used as the communications
protocol between the presentation and application tiers.

Design Pattern Used:

Front Controller

IBM Curam uses Front Controller pattern which is utilized by presentation tier.

Session Facade Pattern

Data Access Object (DAO) –

Factory Pattern

Singleton Pattern

Many other patterns are being used, please watch my video to get more knowledge.

Presentation Tier:

2016-04-28 23_30_24-CuramSolutionArchitecture.pdf

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