IBM Cúram – Build Citizen Portal


The IBM Cúram developed one module which used to build Citizen centric Web Application. The citizen can utilize that and execute below actions –

  • Check Program Eligibility
  • Apply for appropriate Program without any manual assistance
  • Validate the reason of Ineligibility
  • Check the Application Status and other Information like Payment, Tasks,

The benefit of Citizen Portal (Universal Access):
There are a lot of benefits, please find below –

  • Flexible
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy to maintain

Build – Deploy And Launch

The client can build and deploy the Citizen Portal on their local development environment provided by IBM to get the basic understanding.Please find the steps to build, deploy and launch the Citizen Portal using the Application development environment.

Before you can log on to a Cúram application or to the Universal Access home page, you must run a number of build commands. The developer has to ensure the Cúram installation directory and other important configuration.

  • Open a command prompt.
  • Navigate to the %Curam%/EJBServer directory and issue the following commands:

build clean server
build database
build runExtractor
build createClasspaths

  • Navigate to the %Curam%/webclient directory and issue the following command:

build clean client
build external-client -Dapp=CitizenPortal

  • The user has to ensure that the builds are successful before proceeding.
  • The code related Citizen Portal generated under “SoruceFolder\Webclient\build\apps\CitizenPortal
  • Configure the context Path for Curam as well as for the Citizen Portal in server.xml under the Tomcat Folder.

  • Launch and refresh the project in eclipse.
  • Now, its time to launch the Tomcat, Start Server and RMIClientLogin.
  • Once all above process are ready then login with external user for Citizen Portal,
  • Use https://server_name:port/CitizenPortal/ URL to launch the Citizen Port.
  • If you want to launch the internal (Regular Application) then use https://server_name:port/Curam/ URL. Where:
  • server_name is the name of the server where you installed the application.
  • port is the port for the application. By default, the port number is 9080 for Apache Tomcat, 7002 for WebLogic, or 9044 for WebSphere Application Server.

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