IBM Cúram Proof Of Concept Exercise 2


Welcome to, This tutorial explains about an exercise prepared by our(KW) Team. We want everyone who wants to learn IBM Cúram in detail, Please go through it and try to do some hands-on using IBM Cúram Project.
Please add comments or contact us for more information or this exercise-related to the IBM Cúram product. Please find the POC information in below section –

Search & Display Case Details

The idea behind this POC is to develop a search page that helps to search any type of case by passing some input like –

  • Reference
  • Case Reference Number (Wildcard %%)
  • Client Reference
  • Case Status
  • Case Type Name
  • Case Owner
  • Dates
  • etc.

Maybe, this kind of functionality already available as an OOTB but we want to do it from scratch to understand the IBM Cúram development. Screenshot is given below for the reference –

Case Search Sample Screen

Steps to Develop

This section explain all steps which helps to develop above functionality. Please find brief information below –

  • Develop or identify all required tables like CaseHeader, CaseStatus, Application, ApplicationCase etc.
  • Developer or identify DAO Layer and required method which helps to search Cases based on provided Input.
  • Developer Process Layer to consume DAO Layer to fetch the case information
  • Develop Façade Layer and expose all required methods to the Client Layer.
  • Verify Server Access Beans Docs
  • Develop UIM Pages for display search input fields and buttons.
  • Assign/Linked UIM Page with the SSP or Sec file.
  • Test the Application with new search screen.

Please add you implementation details in the comments box. Also, Please ask question if you have any. Thanks a lot!

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