IBM Cúram Worldwide Implementation Partner(s)


Welcome to, This tutorial contains information about companies that work for IBM Cúram Social Program Management worldwide as IBM Partner and supporting companies and helping clients to run, build and maintain the project(s).
KW Team tried to compose information with their level best but there may be some information missing or gap. Please add your valuable comments to enhance the quality and efficiency of this information.

Note: This blogs is not defining any Ranking or Pros or Cons of these companies. This is just for the information.Please add other company information in the comment section.
Please find all companies information below –

IBM Software Ltd

RedMane Technology


eSystems, Inc.

Diona Software Solution

D2Sol Inc.

Connvertex® Technologies


Computer Horizons Canada

Maximus Inc.

Multivision Inc.

Gulf Business Machine (GBM)



Trillian Technologies


Wipro Ltd

Aggie Technologies

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