Journey from Mobile Phone to Smart Phone

Mobile is very important and useful device discovered in human history. We can connect with anyone within a minutes and should not depend on landline and sit near the phone connection like landline connection. Using Mobile phone a person can walk and task even though they can also run or swim.
Now, We have Smart Phone which provides more functionalities and features which reduced the usages of other devices like laptop, computer & landline phone. We already know that need is the mother of invention and it is very good practice to progress in term of invention and discovery. Every device is having its own pros and cons and it totally depends on the user, how s/he is using it. Now, Smart Phone is near to us but many things are very far from us which must be near to us. Like, now we prefer to whatsup or text to friends and family in place of calling to them as we used to do in past. We used to visit friends and families regularly but nowadays we just do Video Chat or Facebook live with them. As per my understanding, this new way of interaction or communication is not sufficient to increase social lives and its value. We have to interact with people personally and feel their presence and their felling. Meeting people personally is increasing moral and social values and helping people to learn a lot of practical things in life and get maturity.
There is one more negative impact of Smart Phone which used to happen in the workplace. Many Organization never stop their employee to carry their belonging including Smart Phone to the workplace because they have faith in their employee and thinking they will use Smart Phone when it is urgent. Employer faith in their employees is decreasing day by day as employees are more concerns about their whatsup messages and urgent and non-urgent calls which reduced employee productivity. As per a recent survey conducted by audit firm and they disclosed that around 60% employee spend more time on the smart Phone than work. We as an employee should understand the importance of work and ethics in the workplace. we should support and make our organization best and give our 100% to it and make them successful.

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