LinkedIn Feature – open to Job Opportunity


LinkedIn is a very famous professional community portal. 

It helps people to do below things –

  • Search the best Job for Job seeker

  • Find the best resource for the recruiter

  • Maintain People Relationship

  • Learning new Technologies and Enterprise Related stuff

There are many other features that we can not cover in one blog. 

Recently, I find one powerful feature on LinkedIn open to Job Opportunity in which helps job seeker to market themselves for the best job. I used and get the best result. 

This feature helps to let all recruiters about you and you are open for a job opportunity.

Steps to Create

Please find the steps to enable this feature below –

  • Navigate to and login with your credentials

  • Navigate your profile from the right-hand top side menu

  • You will get “Show recruiters you’re open to job opportunities-you control who sees this.” option just below the title and above About section.

  • Click on the “Get started” option.

  • The user will be able to see the Add job preferences page. Please add Job titles, Job locations (it will accept multiple locations) and select options from the drop-down like Only recruiters.

  • Once all required information completed in the form, please click on Add to profile button.

  • Once clicked on Add to profile button then it navigates to optional Create job alerts page.

  • Click on No, thanks if a user doesn’t want t to create it.

  • Now “Open to job opportunities” created and will start displaying on your profile page just below the title.

  • The Recruiters available on LinkedIn will be able to see your profile and will contact you.

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