Migrating Oracle SQL Developer Connections With Encrypted Password


This tutorial will help to migrate Database connection between SQL Developer(S). It is very helpful and quick when you export and import already existing database connection from one machine to other machine. it reduces a lot of effort and work with almost zero errors.

Here, we will explain about export and import of database connection using SQL developer, please follow below steps to understand it.

Please let us know if you are having any query or better way to do it!

Steps To Export Database Connection

We have to export already existing database connection using SQL Developer, Please follow below steps –

  • Navigate to SQL Developer, you will get below screen –


  • Right Click on Connections options and it display Import and Export Connection Option.


  • Export and Import Connections options are available, Click on Export option as we are exporting database connection.


  • Select all required database connection for which User wants to export.


  • Click on Next button after appropriate database connection selection.


  • Using Browse button, navigate the folder and file where User want to store generated export file. please find  screenshot below and set the path as we selected some location with file name “ExportDatabaseConnection.xml” .
  • Click on Next button, Next Screen will allow User to generate the export file with encrypted password or without password.

  • By selecting “Removing all passwords from the exported connections” option means, it would not store password from the existing connection if already saved. User has to re-enter password once imported successfully.
  • By selecting “Encrypt all passwords with key” option means, it store encrypted password in the exported file as per user provided key. This key required while importing file. User would not required to re enter the password where user saved in the connection. enter the key and click on Next button.


  • By Clicking on Finish button, Database Connection export will be completed in you system and file will be stored as per user provided path.
  • You can navigate the file using that location.

  • Also, user can view the contents of file using any text or xml editor.

Export Completed.

Steps To Import Database Connection

Once Export completed then we have to import it in another system/machine. In-order to import this (exported) file we have to copy exported file in that system.

  • Start the SQL Developer tool.
  • Once SQL Developer started then User will be able to see Connections option to import file.

  • Right Click on Connections option, User will get Import Connection option.

  • By Clicking on Import Connection option, User will get Import Connection screen.
  • Browse the exported file which you copied from other system/machine.

  • Click on Next button and it navigate to “Password Handling” Screen. As we explained while export and provider encrypted password that will be entered here to process next steps.

  • Click on Next button will navigate to “Select Connections” Screen. User has to select all or appropriate connection which S/he want to import.

  • Once Select Connection completed then click on Finish button to finish the import database connection process.

  • Access any database connection which User imported to verify connection.

2 thoughts on “Migrating Oracle SQL Developer Connections With Encrypted Password”

  1. It does not work on 19.4 and json files. the key allways does not match and you can not import the passwords.

  2. ok, never mind. I don’t know exactly why, but I copied a newer version of java inside the sql developer and know no problems with password encryptions. Yes I had before and still now used the unlimited encryption extension in java. best regards

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