Fake Promises (Jumla) by Rahul Gandhi & Congress

Whenever I listen to Congress leader and party president Mr. Rahul Gandhi, I asked to myself, is it true also is he telling the right things? After a few minutes, I recall Mr. Modi speeches before the 2014 election and realize both the things are same only the candidate switches their position. I am trying to say here that they are chips off the same block means there is no difference between Congress and BJP. They want to fool the people and enjoy the power.

Maybe you remember how BJP raised all corruption issues against the Congress and their relative including Robert Vadra but what happened with those issues, nothing. No one arrested till date and everyone are enjoying in their palace without any fear. That’s the problem in Indian Politics, they have a mutual understanding and pretending like they are different and innocent.
The people of India should break this trap and come out this emotional sentiment. They should not go with any party or PM face, they should think about their MP or MLA and check his/her qualification for the post and attitude for the real issue like Roti, Kapada aur Makaan.

Now, this is a Congress turn to shed Crocodile tears and gain the sympathy to get some more seat in upcoming Lok Sabha election 2019. We have to remember these big parties are in the pocket of big corporate and they will never do anything against corporate.

Nowadays Congress President Rahul Gandhi is giving speeches and talking about corruption in Raffle Aircraft and other corruption but he never talks about corruption happened during UPA also he never said sorry for all unconstitutional activities done by Congress leader and government like Sikh Riots, Golden Temple attack. There are many examples which take many pages to cover all issues.
Rahul Gandhi is active in the politics from last 15 Year though he never talks about the Social Reform in India which is really required to discuss and come up with some resolution.
He never raised a single question for Farmer during UPA tenure. Why he is not forcing all the states where Congress is in power and ask them to do some good things for society? Is he or his government inaugurated any best elementary school in the backward village?

The Congress would not be able to play the opposition role as they always want to Rule and think the power will come to them without any effort. In One line I would say they are more lazy and arrogant leaders and AC Leader.

Still, they have time to do something good for society and save themselves otherwise all promises and speeches will turn to another Jumla.

Don’t Believe Based on their Speeches and Promises. Force them to do something otherwise get out from here……

Jai Hind!

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