Litmus test for opposition parties

India is an agricultural country where 60 to 70% population of India depend on agriculture. The farmer is a backbone for every country, it does not matter whether it is America, England or any other country. Today, farmers are suffering in most of the countries due to various reason like climate change, lack of water, electricity, natural disaster, and most of the time due to corporate. Most of the developed countries are trying hard to resolve their issue as they know their pain.

India has many issues moreover agriculture is one of the critical and complex issues. Many leaders promise to resolve the agriculture issues but they failed to do so. Coming to the current condition where Farmers are doing protest, which is 100% correct in the democracy. Farmer did protest multiple times during NDA 2014 government and People are saying they belong to the Congress and that’s the reason they are doing protest. As per my understanding, they don’t belong to any political parties and the fact is, they are poor, hungry and under the burden of loan. The current government promised a lot of things to get the majority but did nothing for the farmer. Now Farmers are angry want government to apply Swaminathan report as promised by PM Modi but nothing happened till date. The loan waiver is not the solution to resolve the issue as it will come again and again. The government should talk with all the leader and come to the best solution so the farmer can live their life peacefully and happily. There should be talk and brainstorming with the Farmer leader and officers who form the policies.

The opposition parties like Congress, NCP, TMC, SP, BSP, AAP etc. are trying to get the advantages of this protest and trying to make fool as BJP did in 2014. The farmer should not fall into the trap. They do a LITMUS test for all opposition parties.

The farmer should demand from all opposition parties to do the same thing what they do during the protest in the parliament and support & discuss farmer issues in the parliament.
The country will get know the intention opposition parties about the farmer issues and will decide their vote for General Election 2019.

Hope, the farmer will get what they deserve.

Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan.



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