IBM Cúram Product Brief Information

IBM Cúram is a suite of software solutions designed for social program management. It is specifically tailored for government organizations and agencies that administer social welfare programs such as healthcare, social security, employment, and disability benefits. Cúram provides a comprehensive platform to facilitate the delivery of these programs effectively and efficiently.

The key features of IBM Cúram include:

  1. Case Management: Cúram enables case workers to manage individual cases and track the progress of clients throughout the program lifecycle. It provides a unified view of client information, including demographics, eligibility, benefits, and services received.
  2. Eligibility and Enrollment: Cúram automates the determination of eligibility criteria and assists with the enrollment process. It integrates rules and regulations to evaluate an individual’s eligibility for specific programs, reducing manual processing and ensuring accurate eligibility assessments.
  3. Benefit Management: The solution supports the management of benefits, including calculations, adjustments, and payments. It streamlines the administration of various benefit programs and ensures accurate and timely disbursement of funds.
  4. Provider Management: Cúram includes functionality to manage a network of service providers, such as healthcare providers or job training centers. It enables agencies to track provider qualifications, certifications, and contracts, ensuring compliance with program requirements.
  5. Reporting and Analytics: Cúram provides reporting and analytics capabilities to gain insights into program performance, monitor outcomes, and support evidence-based decision-making. It enables agencies to generate reports, visualize data, and identify trends for program evaluation and improvement.

IBM Cúram is highly configurable, allowing government agencies to adapt the software to their specific program requirements and policies. It aims to streamline the administration of social welfare programs, improve client outcomes, and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of government services.

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