IBM Cúram SPM 7.0 — Development Environment Supported Prerequisites


This post contains all prerequisites which require to setup development environment for IBM Cúram Social Program Management Platform Version 7.0.X.
Please find all required software with the specific version number in the below section.


Supported Prerequisites –Development Environment 7.0.0

  • The table shows the supported prerequisites for the Cúram SPM V7.0.0.X development environment. The main changes from V6.X are as follows:
  • Windows 10 is supported for the design, development, testing, and building of the application. Support has been added for the Microsoft Edge browser to access the Universal Access application.
  • Support for the Adobe SVG Viewer has been discontinued. This viewer was previously required for application pages that contained a dynamic rules tree view or a workflow process view. The SVG Viewer is no longer used in the application. These views have been modified to use the native SVG rendering functionality in the various supported browsers.
  • As for V6.2, Java 1.8 support has been certified for the IBM Cúram SPM application, which includes the use of Java 1.8 to develop, test, build, and deploy the Cúram SPM application.


Software Name IBM Cúram Version 6.X IBM Cúram Version 7.X Description, If any
Operating System Windows Version 7 Windows Version 7 and 10 Operating system supported by IBM Cúram.
Apache ANT 1.9.6 1.9.7 Apache ANT used for Build purpose.
Eclipse 4.3 (Kelper) 4.4 (Luna) or 4.5 (Neo) The eclipse used for the development of IBM  Cúram.
Tomcat 7.0.65 7.0.65 Servlet Container Used to deploy the application.
RAD 9.1.1 9.1.1
RSA 9.1.2 9.1.2 The Rational Software Architect used to model the classes and another useful artifact.
JAWS 16 17 JAWS is a computer screen reader program for Microsoft Windows that allows blind and visually impaired users to read the screen either with a text-to-speech output or by a refreshable Braille display. JAWS is produced by the Blind and Low Vision Group of Freedom Scientific.
Flash 20 23 The Flash used for UI to develop Ruleset through Admin login.
DB2 10.1 and 10.5 10.5.0, 11.1.0,12.1 The DB2 database supported by IBM Cúram.
Oracle The Oracle database supported by IBM Cúram.
H2 1.3.176 1.3.176 The H2 Database supported by Cúram for a development environment.
WAS 8.0 and 8.5 8.0 and 8.5.5 The Web Application Server supported by IBM Cúram.
Weblogic Application Server 12.1.3 12.1.3 The WebLogic Application Server supported by IBM Cúram.
Chrome 50 53 The Google Chrome supported by IBM Cúram.
IE 11 11 The Internet Explorer supported by IBM Cúram.
Edge 38 Microsoft Edge is a graphical web browser developed by Microsoft and included in Windows 10. The Supported version for IBM Cúram.
FireFox 45 49 The MozilaFireFox supported by IBM Cúram.
Safari 5.1 10 Safari is a graphical web browser developed by Apple, based on the WebKit engine. The Supported version by IBM Cúram.



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