Programing Practical Assignment

This tutorial consists of important Programming Practical Assignment which can be used in academic assignment as well in the work environment. These assignments problems are collected from various sources and implemented by KW Team. Please add your assignment in the comments box to get the solution. We will try our level best to provide the solution asap. Please click on the link below to navigate the assignment.

Library Management using Core Java

Develop a simple Calculator application as per given screen snapshot, to implement +, -, x and / operations. The text boxes get cleared when ‘C’ button is clicked.

A Two Guys Transport Co. wants to develop an application for calculating amount based on distance and weight of goods. The charges (Amount) to be calculated as per rates given below.

To calculate the total marks, percentage and grades on the basis of percentage as given below.

Develop a Billing application for Happy Shopping-A retail chain involved in sales of Ready made garments. The happy Shopping offers discount to its members holding Platinum, Gold and Silver card. The 10% discount is given to Platinum card, 8% to Gold Card and 5% to Silver Card holders on sales amount.

The Entertainment Paradise-A theater in Delhi wants to develop a computerized Booking System. The proposed Interface is given below. The theater offers different types of seats. The Ticket rates are- Stalls- Rs. 625/-, Circle- Rs.750/-, Upper Class- Rs.850/- and Box- Rs.1000/-. A discount is given 10% of total amount if tickets are purchased on Cash. In case of credit card holders 5% discount is given.

To check whether the given user id and password is correct or not.

Displaying images on a Label and Text Area control. Develop an e-Learning application with images and text information as per given screen shot.

When a user selects a color from list, the background of the appropriate control should be changed.

Develop a Java application to print a Pattern for given character and steps, as per given screen shot.

Develop an application to compute the sum of digits for given number.

Develop an application to compute the Factorial and Checking Prime for a given number, using custom methods. A method named factorial() and Check Prime() along with suitable parameters are called when Get Factorial and Check Prime button is pressed respectively.

To concatenate two strings.

To replace a word in a given sentence.

To search a character in a given sentence.

Demonstration of use of Combo Box through code.

Develop an application as per given screen shot to Add , Remove the given members of list and display the selected item in a text field using List control.

Design a data connectivity application that fetches data from Sample table and has an interface.

Updating/Deleting in the database.

Design a JAVA application to navigate records in Student Table with following assumption.

Understanding the Web Page and use of different Tags and attributes.

Understanding the Web Form and use of different components to design an interactive form.

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