IBM Cúram Important Points and Tricks


This post will compose all-important point which helps a Cúram developer to save their time while developing a project using Cúram framework. Please follow below points to gain more knowledge about Cúram and save time.


Important Point 1

Cúram developer can save his/her time while building project as it takes a lot of time, Cúram Developer can skip or in other words turn off some build target using below file location –

  • Please navigate to CuramSDEJ Project
  • Navigate to bin folder

  • Navigate to build.xml and modify ant target file whatever ant target you want to skip from the build.


Important Point 2

Cúram developer can generate insert Query or verify DMX file changes so it would not impact build failure.

  • Cúram developer has updated the attribute property in the IBM RSA and want to build the SQL only then execute below Ant Target –
    build databasesql
  • Also, if Developer wants to add new DMX or Update already exist DMX file then use databasesql ant target to verify DMX file.

It will update files in the following file:


Important Point 3

Cúram developer has made the changes in the IEG or some other properties files which are available under blob or clob folder. Developer can load all these changes using below Ant Target –
build insertlobdata.

Note: OOTB is having some issues and build failed but it loads all the changes into tables like APPRESOURCE.


Important Point 4

When Cúram developer gets the error regarding crypto config then remove the crypto config files from “EJBServer\project\properties\” location.


Important Point 5

Cúram developer can use build inserttabconfiguration ant target when updating any of below files –


Important Point 6

It is very easy to extract data from a database when it is being used for Cúram application. Cúram developer can use below ant command to extract data in the form of dmx file.

Build extractdata –Dtablename=”Users,Address,Person”

Once above ant target executed successfully then It will create Users.dmx, Address.dmx & Person.dmx files in build/dataextractor folder location under EJBServer project.

Important Point 7

You must rebuild the msggen and client build on their respective server whenever the message catalog has been changed.



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