Interview Questions: Customer Support and Front Desk Worker


This blog helps to review important interview questions for the following job Profile –
Customer Support Service
Customer Care
Help Desk Support
Front Desk Worker
Case Worker

There are multiple ways to respond to a question moreover We adopted the easy way so everyone can understand.
Please find the questions and their respective answers in below section, please add your answers as well so we can get more clarity.

In your current position, how do your responsibilities perform a part in your organization’s ability to meet business goals?

I am working as a customer support agent for the Product Based company which manufacture kids toys and educational stuff. My role is to assist the customer to assemble the product and provide other useful information. As part of my job, I listen very carefully to the custom inquiry and provide the best suitable solutions so they would not come back with the same query. I always discuss with my teammate or supervisor if I am not sure about the inquiry and its resolution.
The above way makes the customer satisfied and meet the business goal for my organization.

What specific steps do you take to assure you to meet your goals?

As I already described in my earlier explanations that I used to focus on listen properly and make sure all conversation happened between me and customer are documented accurately for future reference.
I believe in documentation and used to document all important steps and information and attach it with the customer support ticket. Also, I used to add detailed information in a customer support ticket so anyone can get the information form ticket and continue working on it without anyone assistance. Therse above steps make sure that I am performing my work accurately and accomplishing the goal.

What steps do you take to guarantee the timeliness and accuracy of your work?

I have some predefined steps which I follow to make sure the timeliness and accuracy of the work. Please find the steps below –

  • I always keep me updated with the latest product information.
  • I always create quick notes for recently change information, most important information, most asked information and latest documents location for the reference.
  • I always listen to a conversation carefully and cross verify with the customer. I record all the information in the documents for future reference.
  • I always update support ticket system with the detailed information and attach all required documents.
  • I am a good team player and always consult with the team to get the best result or solution.

Give examples of a time when you put forth extraordinary effort to achieve a goal. Why was the extra effort required?

I am a very energetic person and always in front to support. There was one incident happened before a few years when a new product released with some flaws and no one was aware of those flaws. We got a lot of calls and were having problems to provide detailed information to the customer. I put my extra effort to meet the business department and acquire all the necessary information and documents, came back to my team and shared that information with everyone with the proper documents. This was a nightmare for everyone but I enjoyed as I got a chance to meet new team and information.

Tell us about a time when you caught a discrepancy or inconsistency in information that might have caused significant problems had you missed it.

This is a common issue in a customer support job profile when you are not focused on your work. As I already mentioned in my previous answers that I always put my 100% effort and focus on the work. I am a human and sometimes mistakes happened from me as well. There was a new product released and I was not aware of it and provided slightly different information to the customer which impact me later. After that, I always consult with the other business department when I need proper information. I learn new things to communicate with the other team to get proper information and documents. I am learning from my mistakes.

Tell us a time you set a goal to improve your performance. What was your plan to achieve it? Did you succeed? Why or why not?

The learning a new skill set is a good habit. Everyone must have a plan to improve their skills. It does not matter whether it is technical, managerial or personality development. I also believe in continuous improvement and learn a lot of things in my life. I always plan a schedule to improve my skills and trying to get the things done before the deadline. I split the topic into multiple milestones and work toward accomplishing each milestone at a time on or before the deadline. Seldom, due to other important works, I missed achieving the milestone although I always try to accomplish on or before the deadline.

Give us a specific example of a time you were involved in a conflict at work. What was your approach to resolving it? Was it successful? Why or why not?

I am very professional at my work and always try to follow the organization’s policy related to work culture. I had some conflict with my teammates when they disagreed to share the experience/information within a team. Also, they were against to conduct the brainstorming session with the other new teammate. I always want to share the knowledge with others so everyone can perform their work independently. I discuss with all teammate and conduct voting for this and followed the result of that voting.

Tell us about a moment when you had more work than you could handle. What steps did you take to ensure the quality of the outcome?

I always prepare a checklist and evaluate my outcome with the checklist once it completed. It helps me to produce a good quality outcome.

Tell us about a situation when you received either positive or negative feedback from a customer. Why does this instance stick out in your mind, and what did you do with the feedback when you received it?

I love feedback and always take it positively. I always appraise the feedback and apply to my work for the improvement. I remember, one time I got feedback about cross verifying the information with the customer. It was excellent feedback as we may miss or write some wrong information provided by the customer. I applied this feedback in my daily routines and I always cross verify the information with the customer.

As a [give a brief description of the role’s tasks]. How do you feel about doing this?

I always ready to take challenging work and this role looks challenging too.
I think I love this job and perform well. I will never let the organization down because of my work.

Confidentiality is an essential part of all positions here. Please describe why you think confidentiality is important and other roles you’ve used it.

Confidentiality is a very critical policy for every organization. Everyone has to follow it without any condition. The employee must not share the organization information with the outside world.

When is your availability if you’re offered this position?

I love to work with XYZ [Company Name] company as soon as possible although I have to follow an exit policy with my current employer.
I will try to convince my current employer to release me as soon as possible Once I get the offer from XYZ [Company Name] company.

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