Java – Calendar Generator App Project using Core Java


This Application helps to generate Calendar from January to December for any year which user want to generate. The user can generate calendar for the past as well for the future. There are no restrictions to generate the Calendar for Past like 1 to 123342…..

This is a just simple application which can be used as project by Student in their course.

Specific Requirement

Please find specific requirement in order to understand and execute this project in your local system.

User Interface: This is a Core Java project and we did not use any user interface for this project. User can use eclipse or command prompt to execute this program.

Hardware interface:

  • Operating system : window
  • Hard disk :40 GB
  • RAM : 256 MB
  • Processor : Pentium(R)Dual-core CPU

Software interface :

  •  Java language 1.6 or higher version
  • eclipse 3.4 (Helios or higher version)
  • Command Prompt


User should have basic understanding of Java and Object Oriented Programming concepts.

Steps to Generate Calendar


Launch the Application: Download the Executable Jar File and clicked on Jar File to launch the application. Once Clicked on Jar File, it will open model window.


Application Page: Application Home Page is like below screenshot and it required to enter the Year for which user wants to generate the Calendar.


Sample Calendar Generation: The user entered the 2017 as year and clicked on Generate Calendar button to generate the calendar for Year 2017.


Once Clicked on Generate Calendar button then it navigates to separate window with generated calendar information.


Reset Button: The user can reset the entered input using the reset button.



External Links, Videos & Project Source Code

Java Docs:

Java docs generated for this project and uploaded below, anyone can download by clicking on “Generate Calendar Java Docs” link. User can download and unzip folder to see all API used in thins project.


Java Source Code:

Java Source Code for this project uploaded here, anyone can download by clicking on “Generate Calendar Java Src” link. User has to download and unzip this project in order to import in eclipse.


Executable Jar File:

Executable Jar file generated for this project to run using command prompt editor. User can download and unzip executable jar file by clicking on “Generate Calendar_executableJAR” link.




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