Sample Software Engineering Projects


Software programming (Software Engineering) courses are most often complemented by a software engineering project where a team of students has to develop a large/mini software system.

Project development required a lot of efforts and guideline to develop best project. We will upload some mini software programming projects so developer/student can learn from those projects and use them in their university.

I know lot of you searching for project ideas. Let me help you giving some ideas. All the ideas here are conventional software project ideas. I’m not going to encourage to use all these, but these may help you. Innovative projects are always appreciated. And ideas are too overrated term, execution does matter.

  • E-school, let’s make a full digital school.
  • Online tuition management system.
  • Pizza hut – account management system (this is gonna be another nice idea, you will able to buy pizza online)
  • Online matrimonial system
  • Help Desk
  • Automated DAL generator in Java.
  • Library management systems using core java.

The following are a few examples which candidate can use to develop projects. They include an overview of the projects.

CORE JAVA Projects

This section contains all core java related projects, you have to click on link to navigate specific project to get overview and content.

NOTE: Please follow me on GitHub for sample Project and Code. Please find the URL Below –

DKNITK GitHub Website URL

J2EE Projects

We developed and continuously commit code related to Angular, Spring boot, Servlet, JSP, Database connectivity etc. on Github Repository. Please find the URL below – 

My GitHub Repository URL – Projects – CLICK HERE

Other Projects

This section contains project information which we can implement as per our favorite technologies. This will just contain project requirement information.

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